Mon premier article de blog

« Soyez vous-même, les autres sont déjà pris. »

— Oscar Wilde.

Cet article est le tout premier que je publie sur mon nouveau blog. Je viens juste de lui donner vie, restez à l’affût pour la suite. Abonnez-vous ci-après pour rester informé des mises à jour.

Work online !

Earn money without waking up early and getting out of your home is that really possible ?

I want to share some websites that can help you to start your first work online i said first cause you can start working without funds.

The first website or let’s say application is vova maybe a lot of you heard about it before if you use this app correctly you earn about 10 dollars a day you can download it from here :


The second website is picoworkers.com

This website propose some small job or task like creating an gmail account or watching a video and you receive your money

books that may change your life

  • why reading is important for everyone ?

here are 10 reasons why reading is important for everyone :

  1. it helps you discover yourself
  2. it improves your focus and concentration
  3. a source of motivation
  4. it expands your knowledge and makes you smarter
  5. broadens your imagination
  6. enhance your creativity
  7. it makes you more empathic
  8. reduces stress and helps you sleep better
  9. it gives you joy and pleasure
  10. improving your brain functions

Here are my top 5 life changing books that will change your life read them to change your thinking and improve your self if you do not have a time to read them listen to audiobooks .

  1. the secret : by Rhonda Byrne

2. Highlighted in Yellow :by H. Jackson BrownRochelle Pennington

3.who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

5. why by simon sinek


public speaking

it s your turn to speak now

public speaking: Public speaking is the process of designing and delivering a message to an audience Effective public speaking involves understanding your audience and speaking goals, choosing elements for the speech that will engage your audience with your topic, and delivering your message skillfully. Good public speakers understand that they must plan, organize, and revise their material in order to develop an effective speech. This will help you understand the basics of effective public speaking and guide you through the process of creating your own presentations. We’ll begin by discussing the ways in which public speaking is relevant to you and can benefit you in your career, education, and personal life.

In a world where people are bombarded with messages through television, social media, and the Internet, one of the first questions you may ask is, “Do people still give speeches?” Well, there is more than one thousand books with the words “public speaking” in the title .If you search for “public speaking” in an online academic database, you’ll find numerous articles on public speaking in business magazines .

We realize that you may not be invited to TED to give the speech of your life or create a speech so inspirational that it touches the lives of millions via YouTube; however, all of us will find ourselves in situations where we will be asked to give a speech, make a presentation, or just deliver a few words. In this chapter, we will first address why public speaking is important, and then we will discuss models that illustrate the process of public speaking itself.

Excuse Me! Let Me Speak!

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking :

  1. turn your jitters to energy
  2. know what you are going to talk about and you gonna talk about it
  3. speak to supportive audiences family for example
  4. relax , and take breath
  5. stand up and walk around as you practice out loud
  6. stop focusing on your self
  7. connect with your audience
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